Paper Bag Vol. 2 Classic Black
Paper Bag Vol. 2 Classic Black
Paper Bag Vol. 2 Classic Black
Paper Bag Vol. 2 Classic Black

Paper Bag Vol. 2 Classic Black

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The price given above does not include any accessories (straps, handles, etc.) It is only the price of the bag. Choose the straps according to your preference by clicking “Choose Accessories” or scrolling down. When buying 2 accessories or more, you receive a discount for the entire set.

Paper Bag vol. 2 to The Paper Bag Vol. 2 is a small but spacious chameleon purse. All you have to do is switch up the accessories that give it its look – amber rings or handles. Each accessory can be attached with dedicated clamps, hidden inside the bag. Paper Bag vol. 2 was designed in a way which gives you quick access to its interior with a single pull. And inside… compartments for your phone, shades or credit cards. Don’t forget all of this is covered with soft Italian suede, which allows you to experience extra pleasure of using your new Paper Bag. Your treasures are secured by a special soft flap, which will keep them from falling out. 
This design is made of vegetable tanned Italian grain leather in matt black. Do not allow the leather to be drenched, this can lead to dyeing clothes and damage. If the leather does get wet, wipe it quickly using a dry cloth. Do not use a hair dryer or heater. Do not allow contact with perfume, chemicals, etc. Do not expose the bag to excessive sunlight as this may lead to permanent discoloration.
16.5 cm
18.5 cm
8 cm
Leather type
Italian black grain leather 
Interior Finish
credit card compartments, sunglasses pocket, passport compartment and phone space


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