Almond Bag Mini Vivid Green Dot
Almond Bag Mini Vivid Green Dot
Almond Bag Mini Vivid Green Dot
Almond Bag Mini Vivid Green Dot

Almond Bag Mini Vivid Green Dot

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The Almond Bag is an elegant purse with a flap, very similar in functionality to the Mini Flap Bag design and the Mandel Bag. What makes it different from its predecessors is the perfected interior, an elegant form, which can transform its character along with the selected accessory
This design is made of soft suede and green Italian grain leather embossed in a dot pattern. Suede should not be greased in any way or excessively moisturized. You can apply a dedicated suede cleaning brush. Do not allow the leather to be drenched, this can lead to dyeing clothes and damage. If the leather does get wet, wipe it quickly using a dry cloth. Do not use a hair dryer or heater. Do not allow contact with perfume, chemicals, etc. Do not expose the bag to excessive sunlight as this may lead to permanent discoloration.
The ergonomic interior of the Almond Bag will help every modern woman find herself in the chaos of everyday life. Inside the bag you will find a mini vanity case for your lipstick, mascara or pen, a pocket for your phone and a built-in wallet with credit card compartments. All your necessities will be wrapped in soft Italian suede, which will make you feel special. Just gently pull the Almond Bag front to smoothly open it and give you quick and clear access to its interior.

14 cm
19,5 cm    
7 cm
 Outer leather
green, Italian leather embossed in a dot pattern
 Interior finish

Delicate suede | 4 credit card pockets, zip-up coin compartment, banknote compartment, phone space, passport / notebook pocket, mini pencil case, bands for pen and keys


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