We Change, So The Planet Doesn't Have to.

That’s why we’re introducing you to our circular design concept. It is not for pr or marketing. We don’t need it to sell more purses. It is our home (and your home as well) that needs it. Our planet needs less waste but more recycling. It needs us to consume less and buy more consciously. Will you change the world by recycling or renting your purse? Probably not. But it is a start and we are all in it together.

We want to create Mandel bags in the spirit of circular economy. Minimise the amount of waste - treating yesterday's rubbish as tomorrow’s resources. You can now become part of the solution thanks to the Repair, Reuse, Recycle rule..

We want to ensure that no Mandel bag reaches the trash can unnecessarily - with our help (and minor or major revivals) used bags can find their way to new owners and a second life. You can now join supporters of recycling and exchange your used Mandel for a 25% discount on a new model. Inquire here. Second-Hand bags will soon be available online also for the EU market click here. Mandel Rental is already available in our stationary store.

We put all of our efforts into the production of our bags and we believe that a bag should be a companion for years. To make it easier, we introduced a repair service, Mandel Fix Up. With time, it is completely natural for products to lose their initial appearance and inherit some damage. However, this is not a reason to throw them away. Send your beloved Mandel to us and we will do everything in our power to ensure its complete revival. Prices start from 25 EUR. Ask for an estimated quote of the “Mandel Fix Up” here.

Już niedługo małe produkty Mandel będą dostępne w wersji ze skóry pochodzącej z recyklingu. Co to oznacza? Użyte zostaną materiały, które zamiast dołączyć do miliardów ton śmieci, produkowanych globalnie, są użyte ponownie w procesie produkcji. Skóra pochodząca z recyklingu zawiera zarówno ścinki skór, które w tradycyjnej produkcji stają się odpadem a także skór użytych wcześniej w innych produktach. Skóra może podlegać recyklingowi do nawet 20 razy, dzięki czemu radykalnie zmniejszony jest ślad węglowy produkcji torby. Zmniejszona jest ilość odpadów - ścinki skór i skóry nie są wyrzucane ale wykorzystywane ponownie.