Mandel was created in 2016 between Zurich, Copenhagen and Warsaw and answers the needs of the hectic life of modern women.

Our functional and authentic Mandels are company for both formal and informal outfits. Whether you’re going out into town tapping your high heels on the pavement or running to the convenience store in your PJs and sneakers, Mandel will be perfectly in place. We created universal bags. Stylish like Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress and practical like a credit card. For every essential, there is a separate compartment. Forget desperately trying to find your lip balm somewhere between your wallet, phone and a pack of tissues, right when your bus is leaving.

Each bag hides a special kind of functionality. It is invisible at first glance, but designing these unique solutions is the result of hundreds of sketches, projects, endless discussions, but most of all many samples, improvements and changes. The bags are 100% hand made by experiences Polish leatherworkers. They are not flawless – and that is their biggest value. Leather changes with the passing of time – just like our own skin. It ages, wrinkles and darkens – and for us, that is its beauty.

We want to create in the spirit of sustainable development. The Circular Mandel Design concept is based on the principle of a circular economy: repair, reuse, recycle. Additionally, most of our leathers are vegetable tanned, we create and produce locally with resources originating from Germany and Italy. Read more about the Circular Design here.