About Mandel

We decided    

not to decide


There’s no need to choose between Pretty & Functional. Our Mandel bags are tangible proof. Each handbag is meticulously crafted with internal zipped pockets and dividers to organise and conceal everyday essentials. We love minimalism but we also like to twist it. We create bags focused on functional & modular design. With Interchangeable handles and belts one bag means endless possibilities. Plenty of room for your chaos and your order. Perfect for a hectic morning and a night off. Can match your hoodie as well as your blazer. Mandel gives you the freedom to wear without making decisions. That's because our decisions are well thought out. 



PWhen designing, we follow our main principle - We decide not to decide - while knowing that the devil is in the details ;)


Mandel is built on deep appreciation for craftsmanship, the environment, and the people that help it all come to life. We sew locally in our own manufacture, where we ensure good working conditions and fair compensation. All materials are carefully selected & imported from Italy. We create in the spirit of sustainable design- we are a leading brand in the circular design model: repair, reuse, rent, recycle!

We strive to make every detail as refined as possible, all models distinct and durable. That’s why your Mandel bag is bound to stay with you for years. Its leather matures and evolves with you and your vision. And if you ever change your mind, we'll help you find it a new home. We listen to your feedback and our own intuition. We take great care to incorporate both your valuable suggestions and those that resonate with us on a personal level.




Which Mandel to choose?

Well, it’s your decision to make…